Dominic Storey



Dominic has been fortunate enough to showcase his talent in front of many creditable motorsport personel.

Carlos Nunes

Prior to GP3 Championship 2011.

This review is based on Dominic’s performance during his GP3 debut and a study carried out on his past career and performances by the ADDAX GP3 Team Technical Director Carlos Nunes.

Having impressed the ADDAX GP3 Team with his past racing results the Team decided to offer a seat in the GP3 Championship to Dominic Storey.

Dominic had his first drive in a GP3 car at the Turkey Formula 1 Grand Prix on 6th – 8th May 2011, my recommendation and massive respect for Dominic’s talents as a driver are based on Dominic’s outstanding performance in the wet first Practice session.

Dominic went into the first GP3 race weekend without having done any of the pre-season testing, not having had the benefit of being within the Team atmosphere during that period and the learning curve that comes with adjusting to the GP3 car and the team.

The first time Dominic sat in the GP3 car was during his seat fit on the Thursday leading up to the race weekend. Having taken the late decision to accept the ADDAX Team offer to enter the GP3 Championship Dominic was faced with the daunting prospect of getting used to a completely new Team, new car, new race venue and a new race series. With all these new and difficult situations it makes Dominic’s performance at his first GP3 Race weekend a very promising start to his GP3 Career and the fight to win the Championship in the future.

Dominic’s first session in the GP3 Car was the Friday morning free practice held at the Turkey Grand Prix, this free practice session was held in the most difficult circumstances possible, most un-expectedly for Turkey the session was raining and cold, to face these


conditions during your first run of any car can cause drivers to lose their nerves and start to feel pressure to perform. Under these very difficult circumstances the driver really has to have a good feeling for the car and very natural driving skills to perform well. Dominic took full control went out and did the session in a manner I can only describe as masterful, highly impressing everyone on the ADDAX Team with his car control and natural driving skills, he kept the car on the track, kept a calm mature attitude and drove a great session slowly learning the circuit lines and the limits of the car. Most great racing drivers are usually spotted for their unique way
to balance the car almost making it dance in the rain, this was one of those performances. Dominic proved in this one session how much talent he has to be able to go on and fight for
a potential GP3 Championship. We at ADDAX team are confident that in Dominic we have seen a very skilful and calm naturally gifted driver with a great future ahead of him.

To explain a small part of my history which gives me the knowledge and authority to be able to make this review on Dominic Storey, my name is Carlos Nunes I have been involved with Motorsport since the moment I left school.

Carlos Nunes Career Honours: 7 Formula 1 World Championship Titles

1994 & 1995 - 2, Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship’s with Michael Schumacher.
1995 - 1, Formula 1 World Constructors Championships with Benetton Formula 1, Team.

2005 & 2006 - 2, Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship
with Fernando Alonso.
2005 & 2006 - 2 Formula 1 World Constructors Championships with Renault Formula 1 Team. 






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