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New AMG GT3 team to tackle Australian GT scene in 2016

Peter Hackett has lodged an expression of interest to purchase three of Mercedes’ new AMG GT3 race cars for competition in Australia.

Hackett has made the request following the factory’s disclosure of details for the SLS GT3 replacement as he moves to form a new team to tackle the Australian GT Championship next year.

The Mercedes-Benz Australia chief driving instructor is hopeful to run three AMG GT3s under the banner of his yet-to-be launched operation.

Hackett, who made his last full-time Australian GT appearance in 2012, filed his interest within an hour of Mercedes’ official call for customers.

The new AMG GT3 made its race debut in Germany’s VLN series earlier this month where it landed pole position before a wheel bearing issue saw it finish in 52nd position in a field 98 finishers.

“The factory has released all of the details of the car and expression of interest forms have been received by teams,” Hackett told

“We have sent in expressions of interest for up to three cars.

“We are just waiting to hear back from the factory now about when they might be able to send us one as well as the delivery dates.

“The team is still coming together and the goal at this point is to be in the Australian GT Championship next year, but whether we can get cars is the issue that is unknown.

“Everything is absolutely in place. We can’t do any more than get the budgets in place and put a request in for cars.”

Another emerging new team, Spitze Liegen Rennsport, is also understood to be eyeing a Mercedes AMG GT3 for a possible 2016 AGT assault, although the squad is yet to officially confirm its plans.

The Australian GT Championship is set for an influx of new machinery from several manufacturers next year.

Melbourne Performance Centre is expected to run four new Audi R8 LMS GT3s, while Maranello Motorsport has ordered three of the yet-to-be released Ferrari 488 GT3s.

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